Only 3 words are needed to describe these mats;

With the utilization of CrossLam technology, our standard Douglas-fir Access Mat is twice as strong as a traditional bolted Access Mat. CrossLam Access Mats are 2/3rds the weight of traditional bolted mats. The revolutionary design has a solid top, making them the easiest mats in the industry to clean, preventing the migration of site to site contamination to promote a clean environment, minimizing our environmental footprint.

Contrary to popular belief, the resin used to bond our mats has been independently tested and has proven to be non-toxic. Even when burned, emissions specific to these adhesives are not detectable. Using a resin in our mats that does not cause harm is just one more example of our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Crosslam Access Matting benefits

  • With our lighter mats, shipping costs are significantly less than with traditional matting
  • All-wood construction means low environmental impact


  • All lumber sourced from BC & Alberta. No cross border contaminants
  • All inbound lumber is kiln dried and heat treated meaning no bugs of any kind
  • Designed to be easily cleaned on site (hydraulic broom or pressure wash)
  • Independently tested by the world’s largest independent forest research centre (FPInnovations)
  • CrossLam mats offer a Phytosanitary Certificate and meet or exceed all industry standard
  • Solvent and formaldehyde free
  • Manufactured with ZERO toxic emissions at any stage of the CrossLam life cycle

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