Access Matting

Providing access solutions across Canada to ensure your job keeps moving.

With locations across Canada we stock and install a wide variety of matting solutions to fit your needs. Whether providing temporary access to remote locations or a permanent platform for your project, Chemco’s Access Matting Division has the equipment and experience to keep you moving.

Maintaining project access while ensuring minimal ground disturbance is critical. Our access matting solutions will allow you to spend less time reclaiming a job site once complete and enhance returning the site to its original condition. Having in house logistics and civil divisions means we can turn your project around quickly. Our large inventory of bolted, rig, cross laminated and crane mats plus bridging options ensure we have the right product to fit your needs.

Environmental stewardship means full life cycle matting solutions.

Minimizing our carbon footprint is critical. With our shredding machines we can convert mats that used to be trucked to a landfill for disposal and grind them up to be used for things such as bio fuel, absorbents and mulch.

  • With a large fleet of state of the art equipment and specialized, dedicated personnel we can mobilize your project quickly.
  • We are able to supply all steel portable 165 Ton low profile bridges ranging from 20ft up to 100ft in length.
  • In order to provide a quick turnaround time we currently have matting yards in communities across western Canada.

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