South East Storm Water Pond

Joffre, Alberta


NOVA Chemicals





Client’s Needs

NOVA hired Chemco to construct a new 37 million-gallon stormwater pond. This project included two forebay ponds and 9 new manholes, all tied into an existing stormwater piping system. The original project isolation plan was reworked to ensure RC compliance and ease of completion.


Unanticipated challenges made this project significantly more detailed than originally expected. Specifically, a lack of isolation points meant we had to tie the new piping system into the existing system using a series of plugs, pumps and water diversion. In addition, the old system had numerous leaks, requiring us to rework plans and schedules, which were further impacted by persistently adverse weather in years 1 and 2.

Project Highlights

NOVA required an elevation of the safety and reporting standard not routinely used by this workforce. Ongoing training and monitoring by both Chemco and NOVA helped evolve the workplace culture to a level of excellence over the duration of the 21-month project.

Safety Achievements

The 43-day isolation period was completed without safety, environmental or equipment incidents. There was a 93% reduction in incidents from the first year to the end of the project.