Indigenous Commitment

Our partnerships with Aboriginal communities is founded on a belief in creating opportunity and prosperity for Indigenous people, companies, and their communities.

New Opportunities

Through our partnerships and our Aboriginally owned company, we aim to bring Indigenous communities and their businesses to the table on projects that affect our lives. Engaging and ensuring all parties have a voice and opportunity to participate is critical to the success of any venture.

Mutual Benefit

Knowing that each community has unique business and employment capacities, we work first to understand where the value lies in any collaborative effort.  We have worked with multiple communities and First Nation-owned companies in various agreements that fit and support the end goal of delivering a project that has gained social license and benefits all industry and community stakeholders.

Community Investment

We have worked with our partners to invest in their communities on several fronts. Whether it’s collaborating on industry training, participating in community events, or funding needed infrastructure, we are striving to create a positive lasting impact in the regions where we work and live. Guided all the while by our combined commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

A Shared Vision

For us, success is more than short-term goals on any given project. Our vision is to work with Indigenous peoples as they create opportunities that underlie job creation, inspiring further education that contributes to prosperity and growth.

Our partnerships are about changing the way we do business in our industry. They are long-term investments that create a rising tide of economic and social prosperity, ensuring a strong future for all of us

Chemco's Indigenous Commitment
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