Logistics and Transportation Services

A Logistics Division Built to Meet Your Transportation Needs.

From 1-ton trucks and trailers up to tri-drive winch tractors with a wide variety of trailer combinations, our fleet is equipped for your industry. The safety and reliability of our fleet is maintained by our in-house team of certified licensed mechanics.


  • Tri Axle Double Drop
  • 24 Wheel Double Drop
  • Tri Axle Scissorneck- 40/50 Ton
  • Tri Axle Tilt Deck
  • Tri Axle Hilboy
  • Tandem Highway Van
  • Tandem Gooseneck (1 Ton)
  • 24 Wheel Scissorneck
  • 16 Wheel Lowboy
  • Tri Axle Trombone
  • Super B-Trains


  • 8 Wheel Jeep
  • 16 Wheel Jeep
  • 4 Wheel Booster
  • 8 Wheel Booster


  • 1 Ton
  • Tandem Tractor
  • Tri drive Tractor
  • Tandem Winch Tractor
  • Tri Drive Winch Tractor
  • Pilot Truck
  • 40/45 Ton Tandem Steer-Tri Drive Picker

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