Chemco Cares

Our Chemco Care’s Program goes beyond helping people in our communities. Chemco Cares extends to areas that are impacted by our business, the areas that matter to us, and to the stakeholders we want to engage.

Chemco Cares focuses on four key areas:

Social Responsibility

Chemco’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) helps us consider the interests of our customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and to consider the social and environmental consequences of our business activities. By integrating CSR into Chemco’s core business processes and stakeholder management, we can achieve the ultimate goal of creating both social value and corporate value.

A Shared Vision

We all have our strengths. Understanding them and finding a partner who augments them is a powerful combination. Chemco and our partners have formed long standing relationships to give clients a straightforward approach to getting their projects up and running.

The Chemco Cares Program

Chemco Cares About Workplace Safety

Engaged and included. That’s how we want employees to feel about working here. As a responsible employer, we work hard to create a workplace culture in which our employees feel inspired, valued, healthy and safe.

Health and Safety (H&S)

We aim to keep staff healthy and safe wherever they are working, through initiatives such as:

  • A comprehensive H&S training program, including mandatory courses for all managers and H&S representatives;
  • Best-practice ergonomic standards, which are applied to branch and building design and refurbishments;
  • Tools to support employees working away from a typical office environment.
Supporting Work/Life Flexibility

Part of maintaining the physical and mental well-being of our employees involves supporting personal decisions to help balance work with demands on their personal time. We provide flexible work options to help managers and employees think creatively about how, when and where work is accomplished.

Chemco Cares About Our People, Our Contractors and Our Customers

We believe in providing full, fair, and reasonable opportunity. Chemco and its subcontractors will as far as is reasonable, lawful, and economically practical:

Local Focus
  • Use skilled and contractual labour within the local area and arrange for timely training to support the skills needed for all stages of the project;
  • Work with government, industry advocates, and local business communities to improve the capability and competitiveness of local businesses;
  • Provide information to local business at an early stage about supply opportunities, pre-qualification, and tendering requirements;
  • Consider local capabilities during development of procurement strategies and contract work scopes to enhance local content without compromising safety, project risk, or competitiveness;
  • Local content is an evaluation criteria and preference is given to bidders who maximize local content in both labour and materials, where comparative bids are assessed as being commercially competitive and technically acceptable;
Developing Leaders

Building talent at Chemco is critical to our future growth and is a key accountability for Chemco executives and leaders at all levels. We continually identify and assess the strength of our talent for those who are capable and aspire to take on leadership roles in the future. Quarterly Corporate Goal Setting with all levels of management allows stakeholders to have input and actively participate in the direction of the organization.

360° Feedback provides an opportunity to provide honest, confidential feedback to executives, managers and employees in the leadership pipeline. The focus of Chemco’s 360° Feedback program is personal development, not performance.

Chemco Cares About Community

The Chemco Cares Program has been created to engage all Chemco employees in the process of creating, implementing and managing our CSR policy. Our goal is to foster a sense of ownership among everyone at Chemco.

We strive to affect change by working with registered Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations with a focus on healthcare and child development. Over the years, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that go to groups that have a positive impact on the lives of families across western Canada.

Initiatives We Support
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation
$ 0
Donated to over 20 local charities and organizations since 2008
$ 0
In Sponsorship with local groups and organizations.

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We understand the impact we can have by sharing our time and our expertise. Through partnering with organizations such as, The Stollery Children’s Hospital, The Kidney Foundation, Make-A-Wish, and our own internal initiatives such as our Annual Charity Classic Hockey Game, we can make a difference in everyone’s lives.

$ 0
Donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation since 2011

Supporting charities and programs gives us the opportunity to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. From health and education, to social services and sports, Chemco is pleased to provide annual assistance to a range of organizations.

Chemco Cares About The Environment

Proactively listening to the views and concerns of others is a key part of our program and we regularly engage with a range of environmental stakeholders. Chemco is committed to facilitating meaningful and relevant discussion on environmental issues at hand.

Engaging with stakeholders

Our key environmental stakeholders include:

Chemco Access matting program
Environmental stewardship means full life cycle matting solutions Minimizing our carbon footprint is critical. With our shredding machines we can convert mats that used to be trucked to a landfill for disposal and grind them up to be used for things such as bio fuel, absorbents and mulch.

Chemco is a place where talent meets possibility.

Chemco empowers people to be successful.