Delivering predictability in these corporate divisions is the cornerstone to success in the field and is what helps set us apart in allowing us to deliver predictability to every project we step onto.

Whether we are working on an electrical project in British Columbia or a civil project in Manitoba, having continuity in these critical areas of our business ensures all corporate standards are met and maintained. This gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that when they hire Chemco, their projects will be executed with the same level of professionalism regardless of location.

To avoid delays in getting necessary material to the site, we maintain an $8 million dollar inventory of current electrical, instrumentation, fibre optics, heat trace, and high voltage materials.

Chemco Access matting program

Quality Control

Chemco’s quality control personnel ensure your projects adhere to specification from design to construction.

Based on a leading industry model for quality control, our proprietary digital system has been adapted to the specialized needs of electrical & mechanical instrumentation construction contracting, as well as Chemco’s internal quality standards.

Quality control during the construction process is extremely important in order to safeguard the value of the owner’s investment. Chemco’s QAQC personnel can perform checks and tests throughout the construction process. From the development of the initial quality plan through to commissioning and start up, we provide our clients with assurance that their project is being built according to their specifications.

General construction inspection and verification requirements include inspections, QC testing, establishing construction acceptance criteria, construction audits, compliance with handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery requirements, and material identification and traceability.

Construction of many of the facilities we work on is a complex undertaking. However, Chemco’s Quality Control division is there to prevent poor quality construction that may result in serious project delays and substantial cost over-runs. Chemco has experienced, qualified, and highly trained personnel in construction and maintenance QAQC procedures and are available to establish a program for your project, or to provide support for an established QAQC project team.

Overall, the close integration of our quality control and project control processes allows us to track progress and assure quality in every detail of the work we do. This gives Chemco and its clients confidence that when we say it’s done, it’s completely done – and done right.

Health and Safety

Safety is a core value at Chemco. Our relentless pursuit of zero harm has earned awards for safety performance and industry leadership, and we’ve shared safety training systems and tools with industry to raise safety standards.

Industry Recognition

Chemco is viewed as a leader in the construction industry and we take every opportunity to enhance our safety and training programs, and ultimately, our safety performance. Chemco is working with industry to pave the road to “ZERO”.

Some of the industry awards we have received include:

  • 2016 Canada’s Safest Employers Award
  • 2015 Canada’s Safest Employers Award
  • 2015 COAA Best Practices award for Workforce Development.
  • Best Performer Site 2014 (Class 1,2,3 and 4) Award by IOSH(Industrial Occupational Safety & Health Association) Alberta
  • Shell Vice President’s Safety Award 2010.
  • Shell Vendor Excellence Award 2007.
  • Syncrude President’s Award in 1999, 2002 and 2005 for “Innovative Approach” of our Stretching, Fall Protection and Safe Use of Knives Programs.
  • COAA Best Practices Award 2004 and 2005 for the Safety Leadership and Innovation Award.
  • Syncrude President’s Award  in 2003 and 2004 for Best Overall Environmental Health & Safety Performance & Program for a large company.
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association Trailblazer Awards for the Edmonton and Wood Buffalo regions.

Industry Involvement

Being an industry leader means you are involved and proactive in providing solutions and sharing ideas with clients and peers.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to engaging with industry and helping shape the future of safety in the energy sector.  Several members of the Chemco team have in the past and continue to have a seat at the table of industry initiatives.

Safety Initiatives

Chemco has played a key role in developing training systems to assist industry in meeting the new workplace electrical safety standards. We have also produced safety videos that are shared with industry allowing other companies to utilize these tools in the spirit of creating safer workplaces.

Employees can log into Chemco’s safety training by clicking the button below.

Project Controls

Over 50 years, Chemco has grown through working with multiple industries across Canada, taking on diverse projects and meeting their increasingly complex demands.

Today, we’ve captured that experience in our own, specially-designed Project Control System that we call the Integrated Project Delivery System (IPDS). Chemco’s IPDS gives us the ability to meet the information needs of Canada’s most recognized industries with accurate, real-time data on productivity, scheduling, manpower, costs, and logistics. Most importantly, our system gives us the ability to perform accurate project forecasts, and identify and assess any job site situation under our control and recommend effective action.

As one of the largest contractors in our field, we use manpower data, where warranted, to shift tradespeople out of weather-stalled projects and onto other job sites and to bring the same people back to the site to smoothly resume work when weather permits. Where schedule slippage demands catch-up, our size enables us to bring additional qualified tradespeople to your site. No limits construction & maintenance contracting means Chemco and its customers have more options to get the job done.

Our people, experience, and systems enable us to respond quickly and effectively in the complex, changing environment of major construction projects. We pride ourselves on being a reliable asset to our clients and their partners.


It is the combined experience of our Estimating Department that has enabled Chemco’s successful bidding of both large and small projects.

We work closely with clients on all types of proposals from lump sum to time & material or unit rates, to ensure the proposal is thorough and transparent.

Our estimating acumen has been accrued through hundreds of years of team experience and over 50 years of historical data of various sized projects with different project schedules in the western Canadian market. The use of Accubid in addition to in-house, custom-designed programs in Visual Basic and Microsoft Access, allows for accurate and dependable client proposals.