Chemco Cares. We’re Proud of it.

For Immediate Release

Edmonton, Alberta, August 23, 2022 – Over the past year, Chemco has been refining what our definition is for the future of our company, our people, and the benefits we provide our customers. We have made a genuine commitment to expanding our approach to our services, and we have solidified how we conduct our business both internally and in the marketplace through our Chemco Cares Initiative.

The spirit of Chemco Cares is reflected in the pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Chemco Cares ties the Chemco Group of Companies together across all our communities as we focus on improving the environment, workplace safety and the overall well-being of our team and our customers.  At Chemco, we believe in engaging our team, they’re the ones on the ground who see what’s needed on a day-to-day basis in each community and on every project we’re part of. They’re able to provide practical ideas about what’s needed to improve our company, and our services to our customers–and their input is reflected in our Corporate Responsibility Pillars under the Chemco Cares Banner.

The Four Pillars of Chemco Cares include:

  1. Community
  2. Environment
  3. Workplace Safety
  4. Employee, Contractor & Customer Wellbeing

Chemco has Proudly Donated over $2.6m to our communities since 2008

Caring about our community is second nature to Chemco. Through Chemco Cares, Chemco has donated $1.4 million and provided over $1.2 million in sponsorship of community-based events over the past decade. Todd Halina, Chief Operating Officer for the Chemco Group of Companies is proud of the company’s accomplishments in giving back to the community, “The commitment to the well-being and strengthening of the communities in which we serve is one of the greatest accomplishments that our company has achieved in close to 60 years of business,” says Halina. “We couldn’t have achieved our goals without the time, commitment and resourcefulness of the outstanding team we have at Chemco.”

Introducing the Chemco Red Ribbon

As part of our overall plan to reflect the positive changes we have initiated, Chemco has introduced new brand elements in the form of a Red Ribbon that is woven throughout our brand and an updated website.

The Red Ribbon connects people and services while reflecting strength, movement, versatility, stewardship and bringing (tying) people and ideas together. The concept represents an evolution of design and thought, something we at Chemco have called “The Red Ribbon Journey”. The Red Ribbon also signifies that Chemco Cares in a fashion similar to receiving a gift wrapped in a ribbon–signifying a higher level of care, attention to detail and benefit to those receiving the best Chemco has to offer.

About Chemco:

For close to 60 years, Chemco has provided our clients with a wide range of construction, maintenance, and project management services to keep their projects progressing. Our success has been based on our people, our unyielding commitment to safety, and our accountability to our clients, coworkers, community, and the environment. Chemco’s services range from engineering to commissioning across multiple industry sectors.

For more information please contact:

Bryan Lunge, Vice President, Marketing & Communications   Direct: +1 (403) 910-0213