Horse Lake First Nation and Chemco Announce Partnership to Transform Alberta’s Energy Industry


CALGARY, Alberta June 23, 2023 —, In a pivotal step that will reshape the energy industry in NW Alberta, the Horse Lake First Nation Oilfield Construction Corporation (HOCC) and Chemco, two industry-leading industrial contractors, are thrilled to announce the formation of a robust new partnership.

The synergy of HOCC’s intimate local expertise and Chemco’s capacity for large-scale operations signals an exciting time for the resources sector throughout the region. The formation of this potent alliance promises to deliver unparalleled construction and maintenance solutions with industry-leading safety standards and a commitment to Nation and community engagement.

HOCC, owned by the Horse Lake First Nation Band, has long been known for its effective operations in the region. A proud Aboriginal member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, HOCC has over 10 years of experience providing civil contracting services to the resources industry.

On the other side of the partnership, Chemco has been serving Canadians with multi-disciplined industrial contracting solutions for over 60 years. Their unwavering dedication to safety, commitment to people, and long-standing customer relationships make Chemco an outstanding partner in this venture.

“We are excited about what this means for both our companies and for the communities we serve,” said Bryan Lunge, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Chemco. “Together, we can leverage our combined expertise and resources to ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future for the industry.”

This partnership is not just about fostering business growth; it is a commitment to ethical operations and respect for the lands in which these companies operate. Both companies are looking forward to the opportunity to work together, leveraging each other’s strengths to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients and the Nations and communities they serve.

To learn more about this partnership, to schedule an interview, or for additional information, please contact:

Bryan Lunge
Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Direct: +1 (403) 910-0213

About Horse Lake First Nation Oilfield Construction Corporation (HOCC):
HOCC is a civil contractor based in the Horse Lake First Nation with over 10 years of experience in the resources industry throughout Western and Northern Canada. HOCC is proud to be an Aboriginal member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

About Chemco:
Chemco has been providing industrial contracting services to Canadians for over 60 years. With a focus on construction and maintenance solutions in a wide array of industries, Chemco is proud of its stellar safety record and long-standing customer relationships.


Download the Original Release: 2023 Chemco Horse Lake First Nations Info Sheet