Introducing Chemco Access Matting’s Wood Processing Team


Access Matting Shredding

Our wood processing team is well poised to tackle any project big or small with specialized equipment purpose built for the wood processing industry.

The Komptech Crambo 6000 is track mounted “Shredder” and powered by a 750-horsepower Caterpillar. Twin shafts, screens, and dual magnets make short work of the toughest material and removes metal contaminates as it exits the machine. It is ideal for a coarser end product and any feed stock that has the potential of metal contaminates. Screen sizes from 2” to 8” are available and under ideal conditions this machine will produce approximately 40 Tons per hour.

The CBI 6800 BT is a 1000 horsepower track mounted high speed “Horizontal Grinder” and will produce a finer product in large volumes. Screen sizes from 2” to 6” are available and under ideal conditions this machine will produce approximately 80 tons per hour.

The Tycrop Smooth Flow Walking Floor units are all aluminum ultra-light weight trailers designed specifically for transporting fibre in large volumes and with the self-unloading floor system emptying the trailer in 20 minutes or less are a very efficient means of moving the fibre.

Chemco has a very diverse fleet of equipment which allows our team to pull in any kind of support equipment that a project may need. To date some of this equipment has included: Dozers for pile management, Excavators with bucket and thumb, rake, mat grapple to support shredder and grinder production, Wheel Loaders reloading trucks, and Graders managing road systems.

Chemco is very adaptable and will customize a solution to suit your project. For more information contact our team 24/7.