Chemco is Hiring: Class 1 Drivers – Whitecourt [Closed]

This posting has been closed, thank you for all who applied. Qualified individuals are being contacted.

Class 1 Driver

We are seeking experienced, motivated Class 1 Drivers based out of Whitecourt, AB to join our Chemco Access Matting Division.

Job Summary:

  • In and out of town deliveries to job sites with Super B’s & Lowbeds
  • Load, unload, and haul Equipment and Mats


  • Safety first attitude
  • General up keep on trucks and trailers (greasing, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Reliable, honest and willing to follow company rules and policies


  • Class 1 License
  • Ability to load and unload equipment
  • Ability to pull different trailer combinations
  • Loader, excavator experience is an asset
  • Winch experience is an asset
  • Positive attitude, can work well with others

Chemco Matting: Chemco Crambo

This Komptech Crambo unit is a wood waste reducing ‘beast’. With a 600 HP C18 Caterpillar engine and 134 aggressive teeth, it can chew up the toughest material, reducing an access mat in about a minute. The reduced wood can then be used for things such as biofuels, absorbants, mulch, etc.

An industry leader in its class, it can reduce material at a rate of 100 tons/hr under ideal conditions and can reduce bolted access mats at a rate of approximately 60 tons per hour. The Chemco Crambo unit is equipped with two ultra-strong magnets, making metal recovery a breeze. It even has optional screens that control for product sizing in the range of 2″ to 24″.

The Chemco Crambo is a big innovation in environmentally friendly wood disposal. In the past, access mats were hauled away for disposal in landfills. With this machine, we can successfully eliminate unnecessary trucking, massively reduce the amount of waste going to landfills, and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint. The CAT diesel engine is equipped with the latest emission controls, making its environmental impact minimal.

Safety is a cornerstone at Chemco. With the Chemco Crambo being driven remotely, it improves safety for the operator and everyone else on site. There is simply no better mobile shredder on the market.


The Chemco Crambo can handle railroad ties, building materials, telephone poles, access mats, etc. If you have a need for wood waste recycling, your solution is just one call away at 1 (587) 773-3541.

Want to see it in action? Check out our video here:

Chemco Access Matting in the Northwest Territories

All the way up in the Northwest Territories, our access matting team has successfully provided 212 truck loads carrying 17,500 access mats to Fort Simpson in the span of just 21 days. The mats are required for an 11 kilometer remote access, along with 2 drilling pads and an area to set up a remote camp. The objective of the project is to replace an aging section of pipe under the river. The remote access provides a solid surface for equipment to travel on with zero disturbance to the natural environment. For this project, all materials and equipment required had to be delivered in the winter utilizing local ice bridges/roads. Once the River was flowing in the spring, a portion of the matting had to be barged up river to reach the remote site. The project started March of this year with an anticipated completion this October.

Starting with an access matting inventory of only 15,000 mats in January 2017, our matting division has now grown to have over 65,000 mats, allowing us to handle high volume projects like this one. For more information on our access mats, check out our access matting page or just watch one of our videos: