Chemco is Hiring: Class 1 Drivers – Whitecourt [Closed]

chemco is hiring

This posting has been closed, thank you for all who applied. Qualified individuals are being contacted. Class 1 Driver We are seeking experienced, motivated Class 1 Drivers based out of Whitecourt, AB to join our Chemco Access Matting Division. Job Summary: In and out of town deliveries to job sites with Super B’s & Lowbeds… Continue reading


Chemco Matting: Chemco Crambo

shredder in action

This Komptech Crambo unit is a wood waste reducing ‘beast’. With a 600 HP C18 Caterpillar engine and 134 aggressive teeth, it can chew up the toughest material, reducing an access mat in about a minute. The reduced wood can then be used for things such as biofuels, absorbants, mulch, etc. An industry leader in… Continue reading


Chemco Access Matting in the Northwest Territories

Winter Access Road

    All the way up in the Northwest Territories, our access matting team has successfully provided 212 truck loads carrying 17,500 access mats to Fort Simpson in the span of just 21 days. The mats are required for an 11 kilometer remote access, along with 2 drilling pads and an area to set up… Continue reading