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Being purposeful in what we do and having a positive impact for generations to follow has been a cornerstone to Chemco for over 50 years. An integral part of that is our commitment to supporting the communities where we live and work. We strive to affect change by working with registered Canadian non-profit and charitable organizations with a focus on healthcare and child development.

Through multiple initiatives, employees continue to volunteer their time and lead the charge with fundraising events to help fund multiple community-based organizations.


Over the years, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that go to groups that have a positive impact on the lives of families across western Canada.


Kidney Foundation Walk Chemco Team


Everything we do strives towards our goal of embracing social responsibility and making positive social change, because Chemco cares.

Chemco Charity Hockey Game

Strengthening Our Communities

We want to see communities thrive.

Chemco works to make a lasting positive impact in the communities where we live and work.

Ronald McDonald House SK


Local Policy Commitments:

We believe in providing full, fair, and reasonable opportunity.

Chemco and its subcontractors will as far as is reasonable, lawful, and economically practical:

  • Use skilled and contractual labour within the local area and arrange for timely training to support the skills needed for all stages of the project
  • Work with government, industry advocates, and local business communities to improve the capability and competitiveness of local businesses
  • Provide information to local business at an early stage about supply opportunities, pre-qualification, and tendering requirements
  • Indentify, promote, and support opportunities for the participation of Aboriginal workers and Aboriginal businesses, without compromising safety, project risk, or competitiveness
  • Consider local capabilities during development of procurement strategies and contract work scopes to enhance local content without compromising safety, project risk, or competitiveness
  • All sub-trades invited to tender are given equal opportunity to participate under the same terms, standards, and conditions
  • Commercially evaluate competitive bids given due consideration to direct and indirect cost factors such as price, quality, safety, environment, health, security, delivery, service, and whole of life costs
  • Local content is an evaluation criteria and preference is given to bidders who maximize local content in both labour and materials, where comparative bids are assessed as being commercially competitive and technically acceptable

Charitable Work

Supporting charities and programs gives the opportunity to strengthen the communities in which we live and work. From health and education to social services and sports, Chemco is pleased to provide annual assistance to a range of organizations.


Stollery Donation Cheque

We support non-profit organizations focused on health, education, and child development. We strive to support these organizations and their efforts to have a positive impact on the lives of the people in our community.



Chemco employees are encouraged to and do volunteer for hundreds of hours each year.

Whether it's our Annual Chemco Charity Classic Hockey Game, the Kidney Foundation Walk, or helping those effected by the Fort McMurray wildfire, Chemco staff gives their time to raise money and the spirits of those less fortunate.

Fort McMurray Wildfire Response


Proactively listening to the views and concerns of others is a key part of our program and we regularly engage with a range of environmental stakeholders. Chemco is committed to facilitating meaningful and relevant discussion on environmental issues at hand.


Our key environmental stakeholders include:

  • Companies with which we do business
  • Employees
  • Community organizations



Initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Investing in IT systems to allow greater access and information sharing to reduce paper and travel
  • Investing in energy efficient office spaces
  • Implementing a recycling program at all of our facilities


Our goal is to play an active role in facilitating stakeholder dialogue and discussion to help promote understanding and solutions to environmental challenges.