Over 50 years, Chemco has grown with the economy of Western Canada, taking on the big jobs and meeting increasingly complex demands.

Today, we’ve captured that experience in our own, specially-designed Project Control System that we call the Integrated Project Delivery System (IPDS). Chemco’s IPDS gives us the ability to meet the information needs of Canada’s most recognized industries with accurate, real-time data on productivity, scheduling, manpower, costs, and logistics. Most importantly, our system gives us the ability to perform accurate project forecasts, and identify and assess any job site situation under our control and recommend effective action.

Chemco - Process ControlsAs one of the largest contractors in our field, we use manpower data, where warranted, to shift tradespeople out of weather-stalled projects and onto other job sites and to bring the same people back to the site to smoothly resume work when weather permits. Where schedule slippage demands catch-up, our size enables us to bring additional qualified tradespeople to your site. No limits construction & maintenance contracting means Chemco and its customers have more options to get the job done.

Our people, experience, and systems enable us to respond quickly and effectively in the complex, changing environment of major construction projects. We pride ourselves on being a reliable asset to our clients and their partners.