Utilizing Rope Access at Shell Scotford

The Chemco Rope Access (RA) concept is simple in theory; provide a safe, innovative, and cost effective option for working at heights.

Chemco has partnered with Pacific Ropes, a like-minded company, who’s experienced team of IRATA certified employees have extensive experience in the Rope Access (RA) industry and provide training to Chemco employees and work closely to perform RA activities.

Using Chemco RA at Shell Scotford was a collaboration incited by supervision and management of both companies as part of the Continuous Improvement Plan. Our shared goal is to develop a culture of value improvement and become an active participant in identifying and realizing opportunities that proactively focusses on Shell business needs. Prioritizing and optimizing activities allow us to achieve desired safety and quality improvements.

Using rope access eliminates many hours required to isolate systems at height and reduces unproductive time by moving electricians in and out of the RA work scope as the schedule permits.  The result to Shell is increased efficiency along with major cost savings through the reduction of scaffold and labour costs.

With over a dozen employees on site already trained and IRATA L1 certified, and with more scheduled for upcoming training both Shell and Chemco are realizing the immediate benefit of this collaborative, innovative approach.