Creation of Chemco Telecon Infrastructure Group Inc.

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By creating a new reputable telecommunication infrastructure company in Alberta, Telecon and Chemco will strengthen their presence within the Western Canadian market and ensure adequate resources are available to meet predictable delivery models, in a context where clients are looking for increased speed, transparency and reliability in the deployment of their telecommunication network turnkey projects. Chemco Telecon Infrastructure will benefit from both companies’ extensive project management expertise and will be able to exert greater control and efficiencies in fiber deployment infrastructure activities.

“We are particularly proud of our new strategic partnership with Chemco. The creation of Chemco Telecon Infrastructure Group Inc. will provide us with a reliable, long-term and dedicated infrastructure capability to support our growing turnkey FTTH activities in Western Canada,” commented André Héroux, President and CEO of Telecon.

“Our organizational strengths such as large capacity infrastructure construction management and execution, combined with Telecon’s industry leading design and delivery model, have allowed us to create a new solution to support our clients existing, and future FTTH activities across Western Canada,” points out Brian Halina, President and CEO, Chemco Group of Companies.

The Industry Context

The demand for increased connectivity, greater bandwidth and faster internet speeds are poised to drive significant infrastructure investment in fiber network deployment.

Partnership History

Telecon and Chemco had signed a first agreement in 2015 and have successfully cooperated in a prime-sub relationship for the execution of fiber optic cable OSP network builds and civil construction in relation to the FTTH deployment activities.

About Telecon

With a 50-year history, 3,000 highly-skilled and engaged employees and 49 business locations from coast to coast, Telecon is one of Canada’s largest telecommunication network service providers. It delivers a large variety of industry-leading design, infrastructure and connectivity solutions to the country’s most notable telecommunication companies, with portfolios in wireline, wireless, cable television, data, internet, IPTV, information and communication technology.

About Chemco

Employee owned and operated, Chemco has been providing clients with a wide range of construction and maintenance services for over 50 years. With employment exceeding 2,800, Chemco has built a reputation on the ability to execute projects efficiently, with transparency and predictability. With extensive experience in Western Canada, Chemco has continued to deliver an execution model which exceeds client expectations. Core values of People First, Safety and Accountability have allowed Chemco to execute some of the most diverse projects in recent Western Canadian history.