Chemco’s High Voltage Division is an industry leader in the construction and maintenance of high voltage facilities ranging from 4.16kV to 500kV. From grassroots construction to retrofitting existing facilities, our fully certified team of technicians can install, test, commission, and maintain all your high voltage needs.

Switchyards, substations, power distribution systems, switchgear, and associated underground work are all part of what we do. We provide assured reliability through comprehensive testing and commissioning of your systems.

Site preparation, foundation installation, cable system installation, and the assembly of structures, buswork, and equipment typically makes up our scope of work, as well as engineering and high voltage testing and commissioning.

We provide full service engineering, procurement, construction, and high voltage testing services which include:

  • Arc flash studies and protection load flow, reliability, and grounding
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Power system integrity/reliability review
  • Power quality
  • Load flow and relay coordination analysis


In addition to our highly trained field staff performing on-site work, Chemco also maintains a dedicated in-house panel fabrication shop that constructs standard or highly customized CSA approved panels to client specifications. Our specialized field-based power system electricians, technologists, and engineers supervise construction, testing, commissioning, and maintenance at every step. Testing and system analysis is completed using state-of-the-art equipment.

Chemco High Voltage has been contracted as an impartial, independent third party contractor to provide professional, reliable installation and maintenance services to some of the largest and most complex facilities in Canada. To find out more on how we can add value to your project, please call or email us.