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Syncrude Canada 72KV – HV Distribution Project K005 (MLMR)

Provide power requirements capable of supplying 72kV infrastructure systems to new Ore Preparation Plants throughout MLMR.  Scope of work included:

  • 72kV transmission lines
  • 230 structures
  • 21kms of lines

Existing 260/72kV substation DO5 modifications

  • Upgrade two 100/133/166 MVA transformers
  • Up rating six 72kV disconnects from 1200A to 2000A

Addition of a new EO2 Substation

  • All civil workers
  • Steel structures
  • 80/107/133/166 MVA transformers
  • P&C building
  • Equipment
  • Commissioning assistance
  • Seven new substation skids 72/4.16V
  • Five new tie breaker skids and vac-putors 72kV
  • Five 72kV line crossings
  • Three 25kv

Project Details

  • Client: FLUOR

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