QC by ChemcoBased on a leading industry model for quality control, our proprietary digital system has been adapted to the specialized needs of electrical & mechanical instrumentation construction contracting, as well as Chemco’s internal quality standards.

Quality control during the construction process is extremely important in order to safeguard the value of the owner’s investment. Chemco’s QAQC personnel can perform checks and tests throughout the construction process. From the development of the initial quality plan through to commissioning and start up, we provide our clients with assurance that their project is being built according to their specifications.

General construction inspection and verification requirements include inspections, QC testing, establishing construction acceptance criteria, construction audits, compliance with handling, storage, packaging, preservation, and delivery requirements, and material identification and traceability.

Construction of many of the facilities we work on is a complex undertaking. However, Chemco’s Quality Control division is there to prevent poor quality construction that may result in serious project delays and substantial cost over-runs. Chemco has experienced, qualified, and highly trained personnel in construction and maintenance QAQC procedures and are available to establish a program for your project, or to provide support for an established QAQC project team.

Overall, the close integration of our quality control and project control processes allows us to track progress and assure quality in every detail of the work we do. This gives Chemco and its clients confidence that when we say it’s done, it’s completely done – and done right.