Everything we do begins with safety.  We pride ourselves on working with our clients and industry to provide solutions that work and share our learnings with industry and community alike.

Chemco’s highest value is Safety and is centered on the belief that Safety is Everybody’s Business. This belief translates to safety being integrated into all aspects of our business.  Nothing that we do is so important that it cannot be done safely.

Every one of our colleagues—as well as our partners and subcontractors—has stop-work authority. If it’s not safe, we don’t do it. We reinforce this philosophy through a combination of technical field procedures, ongoing training, internal and external safety audits and numerous safety initiatives.

We are committed to the continual improvement of our safety program, practices and performance and are very active in industry.  We are proud of our work force and the safety culture they have helped to create by their ownership of the program which has led to industry recognition by our peers.

Industry Involvement

Being an industry leader means you are involved and proactive in providing solutions and sharing ideas with clients and peers.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to engaging with industry and helping shape the future of safety in the energy sector.  Several members of the Chemco team have in the past and continue to have a seat at the table of industry initiatives.

Industry Recognition

Chemco Health and SafetyChemco’s safety program has received multiple awards for safety performance and safety leadership from industry associations. Maintaining a safe work environment is ingrained in our culture and is a key value for our organization. We are proud of the recognition we receive from our industry for our safety record and our focus on safe work practices. Our employees are our core asset and we are committed to continual improvements of our safety program, practices and performance to ensure we keep them safe.

Chemco is viewed as a leader in the construction industry and we take every opportunity to enhance our safety and training programs, and ultimately, our safety performance. Chemco is working with industry to pave the road to “ZERO”.

Some of the industry awards we have received include:

  • 2015 Canada’s Safest Employers Award
  • 2015 COAA Best Practices award for Workforce Development.
  • Best Performer Site 2014 (Class 1,2,3 and 4) Award by IOSH(Industrial Occupational Safety & Health Association) Alberta
  • Shell Vice President’s Safety Award 2010.
  • Shell Vendor Excellence Award 2007.
  • Syncrude President’s Award in 1999, 2002 and 2005 for “Innovative Approach” of our Stretching, Fall Protection and Safe Use of Knives Programs.
  • COAA Best Practices Award 2004 and 2005 for the Safety Leadership and Innovation Award.
  • Syncrude President’s Award  in 2003 and 2004 for Best Overall Environmental Health & Safety Performance & Program for a large company.
  • Alberta Construction Safety Association Trailblazer Awards for the Edmonton and Wood Buffalo regions.

Safety Initiatives

Chemco has played a key role in developing training systems to assist industry in meeting the new workplace electrical safety standards. We have also produced safety videos that are shared with industry allowing other companies to utilize these tools in the spirit of creating safer workplaces.

Employees can log into Chemco’s safety training by clicking the button below.

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